About Us

Magnet Hounds specializes in magnet fishing products.

Established in 2020 in Frisco, Texas we are a family who became obsessed with magnet fishing and wanted to bring a great starter kit to beginners, but also a kit that pros want in their arsenal. We currently supply to the United States and Canada in helping you find those underwater treasures!

Our mission is simple: supply the best beginner fishing magnet kit on the market. that is used by pros, to get treasure hunter enthusiasts out on the water.  

Our popular 10 Piece Ultimate Fishing Magnet Kit includes everything you need to get started magnet fishing:

  1. 500lb pull-force strong neodymium fishing magnet
  2. 65 foot fishing magnet rope
  3. Locking carabiner for fishing magnet rope
  4. Grappling hook
  5. 35 foot grappling hook rope
  6. Locking carabiner for grappling hook rope
  7. Magnet scraper
  8. Microfiber towel
  9. 5L Waterproof Outdoor Dry Bag
  10. Threadlocker already applied during manufacturing process to magnet eyebolt (no need to do yourself and wait 24 hours to dry!)
Magnet Hounds